The Adorable Bear That Served In WWII

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His name was Wojtek. And he loved to eat cigarettes.

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Full frame of the textures and colors of the soil of the land of a field dry
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Flawed wall
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MS Snow falling
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Extra large grass and roots isolated
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Many blank frames.
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Ivy Growing On Wall
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Heads of animals for logo or sport symbols. Grizzly, bear and eagle. Monochrome mascots illustrations for labels. Wolf, shark and ram. Big vector set
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The badge of the 22nd Artillery Support Company of the 2nd Polish Corps
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World War II era US soldier personal photo, ca. 1943.
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Soldier and daughter
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Messerschmitt Bf 109
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Three WWII Soldiers Running In The Desert Sand
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Preparing to Attack
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WWII Soldier Running Into Building Under Attack
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Military soldiers firing an artillery canon
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Two WW2 solders help their wounded comrade
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Old military box
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Ammo Crate
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Anti-Aircraft Crew
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Old concrete doorway of the time of World war two. Island Berezan in Ukraine, Black Sea. Seascape view
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Old Ruins Of Building At Oradour-Sur-Glane
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Abandoned Car, at Oradour-Sur-Glane
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Abbey of Monte Cassino
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Ancient And Modern
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Fog or smoke isolated transparent special effect.
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Magnifying Glass
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A view of a bear from